Hedge Installation Solutions with Coastal Yardworks

Hedge installation experts serving property owners of Delta, Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey and White Rock for over 15 years

Coastal Yardworks has been a reliable source for a range of landscaping services, including hedge installation, to meet client requirements and environmentally-friendly best practices.

Make Your Property Stand Out

A proper hedge installation is the start of healthy and lush hedges and shrubs. Time and attention is necessary to carefully cultivate solid and well-branched hedges that can maintain their shape despite various weather conditions. A hedge installation following proper protocol and maintenance requirements from our Certified Horticulture technician forms the first step in attaining attractive and well-groomed hedges.

Hedges serve various functions within a garden or property. Solid and healthy hedges and shrubs:

  • Offer a visual complement to garden themes and property structures;
  • Provide a natural means of creating privacy;
  • Give property owners an additional layer of security;
  • Create separate spaces for various uses within a garden design; and
  • Add additional curb appeal to a home or property.

Our friendly and experienced team works with clients to select and install the type of hedges to best suit the site and the desires of property owners. Proper hedge installation and maintenance forms any eye-appealing frame for your property and garden or landscaping features.

Guaranteed Hedge Installation Results

Clients can rely upon our team to:

  • Perform a proper hedge installation the first time;
  • Advise on the best nursery stock and type of plants for soil type and design objectives

Our certified and experienced team addresses any installation questions and their attention to detail ensures that a hedge installation takes the first time attempted. Coastal Yardworks stands by their hedge installation work with a 100% guarantee. You can trust us to get your hedge installation done right.

From Great Beginnings

The selection of healthy nursery stock and encouragement of low branching when first installed must be done to promote the growth of a well-formed hedge. Pruning and hedge trimming at designated times support healthy growth. Expert care and attention will help healthy branches form and decrease the chance of branch breakage from snow. All hedge installation services from Coastal Yardworks is guaranteed.

The family owned and operated landscaping experts at Coastal Yardworks is proactive about any hedge installation requirements.