Silt Fence Solutions with Coastal Yardworks

Coastal Yardworks will help identify the specific requirements for your Silt Fence and provide quick and easy installation for your construction site.

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What is a Silt Fence?

Silt Fences are often used on construction sites as a temporary sediment control tool to safeguard water quality and prevent contamination and disturbance of neighbouring water sources (streams, rivers, lakes, bush reserves, wetlands, and various water resources). This device captures sediment runoff such as silt, soil and construction debris by acting as a perimeter control.

Benefits of Silt Fences

Silt Fences are effective devices at capturing sediment particles from storm water runoff. As well, they serve a significant role in protecting the natural environment and precious water sources.

The perimeter created by the Silt Fence captures the sediment from storm water runoff by pooling the water. The fabric material used for the Silt Fence is not designed to filter sediment. Because of this, the silt, sediment and debris are caught in the fabric before it settles in the constructed pond.

It is also an attractive sediment control tool for construction sites due to their low cost, simple design, and installation process.

Note: Silt Fences are typically installed with a combination of erosion control devices to ensure sediment does not negatively impact the natural environment or disturb construction zones.

Installation & Care Instructions

A Silt Fence is installed using a single piece of synthetic fabric (also known as a geotextile). This fabric is stretched across a series of fence stakes (wooden or metal) along the even ground. The stakes are positioned downhill from the fence. The bottom rim of the fabric is stuck into the ground. Wooden or metal posts support the Silt Fences, making the device a low cost and simple solution to install and remove.

It is important to note that Silt Fences on construction sites may need modification over time due to changing conditions. This includes removing, relocating and reinstalling the fences at various stages.

General care instructions include inspecting the Silt Fences once a week and after each storm or rainfall. When checking the Silt Fence, it is important to look for damages that may have occurred. As this is an important part of maintaining the Silt Fence, our team is happy to provide thorough inspections and provide repairs as soon any changes or damage has been identified. As well, careful cleaning using a light broom or brush to sweep away loose sediment will also help the maintain the strength and structure of the fence.


Coastal Yardworks will help identify the specific requirements for your Silt Fence and provide quick and easy installation for your construction site. Over time, we will also provide inspection to ensure your Silt Fence is working efficiently and offer maintenance and replacement if necessary.


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