Sod Installation Solutions with Coastal Yardworks

Turf installation experts servicing Delta, Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey and White Rock for over 15 years

Coastal Yardworks offers environmentally-friendly landscaping services, including sod installation, to meet the needs of clients and site requirements.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Healthy Sod

Patchy grass, dead spots, moss and weeds are simply not visually appealing. When it comes to properties, homeowners and prospective property owners look for signs that a home is well-maintained. A lush and evenly green lawn is a signal to others that a property owner has taken steps to properly care for the space. Healthy sod improves a property’s appeal and is inviting to visitors.

Properly installed sod provides property owners benefits including:

  • Increased curb appeal;
  • Pride in a healthy and green lawn; and
  • Improved drainage with the right top soil.

We offer the following services to ensure a healthy lawn:

  • Site Prep
  • Remove old existing lawn
  • Supply and deliver new soil
  • Supply Install new turf
  • Fertilize

Coastal Yardworks is committed to sod installation that takes. Our Certified Horticulture Technician addresses and assists in any outstanding site needs when it comes to sod installation or that of key landscaping elements. The Coastal Yardworks team:

  • Works with customers to achieve desired results;
  • Removes old grass, weeds and moss;
  • Assesses the site to add proper soil or make additional changes to improve drainage;
  • Uses proper equipment and experienced laborers; and
  • Works with clients to create a budget suitable for the needed installation.

Count on the Coastal Yardworks team to attend to all of the details throughout all phases of sod selection and installation. Ask Coastal Yardworks how to maintain a healthy sod and inquire about other sod services used and trusted by our clients.

You Deserve a Green Lawn

Our green-thumbed professionals at family owned and operated Coastal Yardworks takes every measure to ensure that sod installation goes smoothly. Come home to a transformed lawn and take pride in your home or property. Our experienced staff assesses your site’s needs and has the experience to direct property owners to the best course of action when it comes to improving the appearance of their lawn.

The certified team at Coastal Yardworks anticipates all of your sod installation needs and works with property owners to achieve lasting results.